How Do You Define Success?

We’ve had a very successful start to the school year and that is what I want to encourage you to think about today, success.  Take a second to stop and ask yourself one question, “what is my definition of success?”  Seriously, stop and think about that for a minute or two…

Okay, now that you’ve taken a second to think about your definition I want you to consider all the other potential definitions of success that are out there.  Think about what a successful school year would look like for the students in your classroom.  I am confident that for all of you there is already a pretty clear vision of what a successful year in your class will look like for your students.  After all, you’ve planned collaboratively, considered what’s most important, created unit plans, designed labs, and done all sorts of other work to make sure that your students will have a successful year with you.

However, as seems to be more and more of a common theme for me, I want you to consider yourself.  What would a successful year look like for you as a teacher?  It’s important to reflect on your teaching practices and your professional experiences.  Think about areas where YOUR growth could lead to even more opportunity for success with your students.

This past summer I took a course through the Principal’s Training Center (PTC) called “Instructional Supervision and Evaluation” because, as I’ve shared with everyone already, this is my main focus for growth as a professional this school year.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn and collaborate with some of the international leaders in this area and I couldn’t have asked for more.  On top of that we have Kim Marshall coming in to work with the Leadership Team and I couldn’t be more excited to have such an amazing opportunity to grow and learn in this area.

As you continue on the path of excellence that you are all heading down already, what could help you grow as a teacher?  For some of you this process of self-reflection is old hat but for others this will be a new opportunity.  Embrace the chance to grow and improve every single day.  Think big and think small, set goals for the year and make every day better than the last!

A reminder of some of the PD resources available to you in this area:

·      EARCOS Weekend Workshops

·      ACAMIS

·      Sanguine Consulting

·      Chapters International

·      Scholastic U

·      Dragonfly Training

·      Knowledge Source Institute

·      Association of Middle Level Education

A good video to make you think about your definition of success: (VPN needed)

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