Exit Celebrations

As the year comes to a close it’s a time to celebrate the growth and success of our students and their learning.  I’ve seen absolutely amazing things from our students this year, they (and you) are clearly proud of the work they’ve done.  Throughout the year we do a lot of work to reflect and document with our students, I’d like to consider what we do at the end of the year to tie everything together.

Earlier in the year we had our Student Led Conferences, a beautiful way to celebrate growth and achievement for our students.  They sat with their parents and shared goals, work, and results.  There were hugs, high fives, and lots and lots of kinds words shared between students, parents, and teachers.  But that was so long ago already!  

Vicky Davis (@coolcatteacher) recently shared a great piece titled Exit Celebrating: 8 Epic Ideas for Ending the School Year.  Please take a couple minutes to look at this piece and think about how you can end the year in an epic way!  I know that time is tight right now but some of these ideas can be implemented with little to no time or effort.  

Just as we have brought our year to a close with end of the year conversations about professional goals, this is a great opportunity for our kids to do the same.  

Finally, I would like to celebrate all of the amazing colleagues I’ve been lucky enough to work with this school year.  Transitioning to a new school is never an easy thing.  However, coming to AC we couldn’t have walked into a more welcoming and open group of colleagues.  We were greeted with open arms and that hasn’t changed one bit.  From day one until now the amazing people who work at AC have been helpful, supportive, and positive influences in our lives.  What a tremendous group of people we have here leading the educational drive for success, it’s inspiring!

Thank you!!