Don’t Forget the Positive

Last week I had a TED Talk shared with me.  I’d seen it before but, like most TED Talks, watching it again was a really good reminder about something that is important to me.  Alison Ledgerwood shares some of her research that highlights the importance of positive thinking and goes on to share a low effort, high leverage tip for increasing our positive thinking.  

I think that no matter who you are or how positive you tend to be, this video is worth the time (10 minutes) to watch.  Understanding how our brains work when it comes to positive versus negative thinking is incredibly important.  I’m inspired to focus on the positive parts of my day just as she suggests.  

Amy and I are going to work to incorporate time to ask each other about the positives in our day instead of the old standby, “how was your day?”  The person who shared this video with me is one of my mentors and also one of my best friends.  Every time I’ve shared the dinner table with him and his family we’ve gone around the table and shared the best part of our day with each other.  I never realized it at the time but that practice is precisely the sort of thing that Alison Ledgerwood would suggest.  Whether you choose to watch the video or not, give that idea a try with your family, you’ll see the beauty immediately and I’d wager you’ll keep doing it 🙂

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