Making History

Tomorrow we will make history.  

Tomorrow we will welcome more than 1000 students back into our building for the first time in almost a year!  At the same time we will continue engaging more than 400 kids remotely.  Throughout this pandemic we have heard (and probably used) the phrase “unprecedented” too many times.  The opportunity to open our doors tomorrow and welcome our students back into the building after almost a year away is certainly unprecedented and it is exciting too! 

Throughout this pandemic you have been asked to do things that have never been done before on multiple occasions.  Every time that request has come, you’ve responded and shown over and over why this staff is so amazing!  Tomorrow will be another of those moments but I hope it is also a chance for you to receive some of the much deserved payoff that comes with being a teacher.  The energy that students bring to a school is unmatched.  No sporting event, concert, or parade can match the excitement, spirit, and joy that comes with a school full of students!!   I know that energy will help me to begin replenishing that “bucket” that has been drawn down throughout this year…soak up that energy and let it fuel you!!!

Our students are lucky to have such an amazing group of educators waiting for them to arrive tomorrow, whether in person or remotely.  While there will be some bumps in the road as they learn to navigate their way through our new version of what school looks like, it will be exciting too!

Thank you for all that you do for our students…it can’t be said enough, you’re an amazing group of educators!!!  Soak up the energy tomorrow and enjoy the process of making history!!!

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