Early Reflections on 2020

It’s that time of year, the time of year when you (hopefully) start slowing down to give yourself a break and enjoy some rest and relaxation.  It’s also the time of year when many of us reflect on the past year and begin looking ahead to the next one.  As I’ve been reflecting on the year that was 2020, there’s been a lot to think about!  However, as I look ahead to 2021 and think about how I want to work to improve myself in the coming year, I keep coming back to something I saw on social media recently.  

A friend of mine shared something that really struck a chord with me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.  Reminders for Hard Days really hit me when I first saw it and it rings true every time I look at it.  The funny thing is, that each time a look at it, a different item hits home the hardest. 2020 has been hard for so many reasons and at any given moment it seems like (at least) one of these reminders is spot on. I liked these reminders so much, I print   ed them out and put them on the wall in my office at home (I’ll do the same in the building once we’re back there!) 

As the calendar turns to 2021 and I think about how I want to grow for/in the new year, I’ve decided that these reminders as well as What to Tell Myself When I Get Discouraged will be the inspiration for my New Year’s Resolution.  I’ve come to the realization that some of the hardest days of 2020 were days when I felt discouraged for one reason for another.  In the past I’ve focused on mindfulness as a resolution as well as focusing on the positive with daily reminders of the small things that make each day so beautiful.  Yet, despite all of that practice there are still moments when life (especially in 2020) seems to be a bit heavier than one would like.  

Over the next couple weeks I will continue reflecting on the past year and I will, no doubt, come back to those reminders often as I do so.  If you’re in the mood for some reflection over the winter break, I’d encourage you to do the same.  2020 was a crazy year but it doesn’t have to be a lost year.  There are many lessons we can learn from this unforgettable experience.  

Enjoy the holiday.  Relax, unwind, and spend lots of time away from your computer!!  2021 is a new year and it’s going to be the best year of all time!!!!  

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