More Tools: Edutopia Stikes Again

Last week when I shared some tools for teaching students who are hard to reach I said that I wanted to focus on things that could be of practical use to you in the current setting.  This week I want to share a great piece that I came across titled 7 High-Impact, Evidence-Based Tips for Online Teaching.  I’d encourage you to have a look at this list and pick one to focus on for the week.  If you feel like more than one could be helpful to you, feel free to dig in and keep going but I’m strongly recommending starting with one!  Have a look at the full article here.  Each of the tips comes with an explanation and some practical tools to help you accomplish the specific advice.  To get you started these are the seven tips included:

  1. Your virtual classroom is a real learning space – keep it organized
  2. Chunk your lessons into smaller, digestible pieces
  3. The best online teachers solicit lots of feedback
  4. Annotate and interject to scaffold learning
  5. Frequent, low stakes quizzes are easy to do, and highly effective
  6. Fight the isolation of remote learning by connecting with your students
  7. Take care of yourself

I know that you are doing some of these things already.  For many of you this list may just be a good reminder to refocus your attention to some of the things that you already know to be important.  I also know that some of us are at the point of saying, “I’m doing all that I can, I don’t need more things to worry about!”  If that’s the case, then by all means don’t worry about any of this.  Thanks for reading anyway 🙂

Thank you to everyone for all that you do for our students!!!

P.S. – One bonus tool for anyone looking to make a virtual word wall for your students.  This video is super helpful at demonstrating how to create your own virtual word wall and this link (@MrsParkShine is a great follow on Twitter!) will take you to a template (File, Make a Copy) that will save you lots of time on the front end!!

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