Thank You!

I wanted to take this chance to step back and celebrate the amazing start to the year that we’ve had so far.  We’re five weeks into something that no one would’ve ever imagined at this time last year and, despite all of the challenges, you’re making learning possible for all of our students on a daily basis!  

Every day has been inspirational as I’ve had the opportunity to watch, listen, and work alongside one of the most dedicated buildings full of teachers I’ve ever seen!!  The passion, energy, and dedication you’ve brought to the challenge before you has been out of this world.  You’ve taken a square peg and you’ve fit it into a round hole, over and over again.  Our students couldn’t be luckier than to have such amazing teachers as yourselves!!

As we continue along this journey, I am confident that our students will continue to benefit from all of your dedication and passion.  The Remote World may not be an optimal learning environment but when I visit rooms (virtual or in-person) and see whole classes engaged in conversations and excited to learn, it shows how impactful all you’ve done really has been!  Thank you for everything you do to make learning as exciting and engaging has possible during this crazy time!!!

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