Ready to Adapt: Learnability

Last week I wrote about the “New Normal” that we’re currently experiencing and the “New Normal 2.0” that’s coming down the road. As we live through the New Normal we are witnessing the largest alternative-work experiment in the history of humankind, one that started in China more than two months ago. Every day, people are adapting and learning more and more about how to do their jobs in an online environment. This ability to adapt is going to be crucial as we enter the New Normal 2.0.

As educators, we may return to a very familiar setting as we get back to our classrooms and students come streaming in to find their seats, pencils, and paper.  That, however, doesn’t mean that we won’t have the opportunity to adapt and apply all that we’ve learned during this great distance-learning experiment.  We’re entering into an unprecedented time.  It will require flexibility, adaptability, and learnability.  Are you ready?  Find out your Learnability Quotient here. (If you’re curious you can see my results here.)

Joining both the distance-learning and work-from-home experiments at the same time we are going to get to see both sides of the coin up close and personal.  I don’t need to offer you any challenges this week, you’re going to find plenty of your own as you engage in this new normal. Embrace the change, be comfortable with uncomfortable, work together with your team, and ask for help when you need it (we all will).  Finally, be ready to learn and think about how you can carry that learning forward into the New Normal 2.0.

Enjoy the ride team, it’s going to be wild!!  


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