Happy Mid-Year Reset Opportunity

Happy New Year!!  

The return from winter break always brings with it a somewhat strange feeling.  There is a sense of the new year starting, clean slate and all.  On the other hand, unlike in August, the feeling of uncertainty doesn’t loom nearly as large.  In educational circles we move on a different calendar from the rest of the world, the “new year” just isn’t the same for us.  So instead of “Happy New Year” I think perhaps I should wish you all a “happy mid-year reset opportunity!”

The winter break was great, never seems long enough but it’s great nonetheless.  Perhaps the best thing to come from the winter break is the opportunity to sit back, reflect, and relax.  The chance to come back refreshed but with the same students and classes as the first semester gives us a chance to hit the proverbial reset button.  Most teachers can’t go all the way back to day one with new classes and new students but we can most definitely start fresh as re-energized teachers with equally recharged students.

The first week back is over and with it (hopefully) all of the late arrivals, students still in “vacation mode”, and readjusting to the daily grind of waking up early.  Now is the chance to start building the positive momentum for the second semester.  Whether it’s getting more organized, rearranging your classroom, building a stronger relationship with students, or another new year goal, now is the perfect time to act.  

New Year’s Resolutions are typical around this time of year but for educators perhaps the reality is that we’re really looking at, and reevaluating, our beginning of the year growth goals.  In my personal life I’ve set a resolution (more on that next week) but I’ve also taken some time over the holiday to reflect on my professional goals.  I’ve recommitted to my goals and looked at ways to extend in areas where I’ve seen success during the first half of the year.

As we build momentum for this downhill run toward summer, take a chance to reflect on the first half of the year and then think about where you want to focus your time and energies between now and June.  The 100th day of school is coming soon and we’ll be on summer vacation before we know it.  Be that as it may, this is the best time of year for growth both for our students and for ourselves!!

Welcome back and Happy Mid-Year Reset Opportunity!!


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