Burning Burnout

This week I was inspired by a couple articles that I came across on social media.  I find articles all over the internet, sometimes on social media, sometimes by reading educational blogs, and other times from regular email lists I’ve subscribed to.  Both of the articles that have inspired me this week come at a very poignant time for me and many of our colleagues.  

The first article that caught my eye is from Harvard Business Review and is written with managers (aren’t all educators managers?) in mind, the topic is burnout and how to avoid it in a hectic and go-go work place.  We’ve been going full-steam ahead for the better part of the last three months and everyone is more than ready for the upcoming holiday.  I’ve written about balance and how important it is to achieve at least a semblance of equilibrium in our lives.  This article does a tremendous job of identifying some of the most important warning signs as well as prevention methods for burnout.  


  • Prioritize Self-Care:


      • Good sleep habits
      • Nutrition
      • Exercise
      • Social connections
      • “Practices that promote equanimity and well being”


  • Shift Your Perspective:


      • I believe that the second article this week really shares a very important and interesting perspective on teaching.  The article, “My Name Is Tom. I’ve Been a Teacher for 10 Years and I Still Get My Ass Kicked Nearly Every Day”, is an outstanding piece about maintaining a growth mindset perspective as a teacher.
      • As Tom (from the article above) says, “The struggle isn’t just inevitable, it’s important. It shows us where to get better, where to adapt, where to throw out the old answers and come up with some new ones.”


  • Reduce exposure to job-stressors:


      • Be a professional, not a servant.
      • Set reasonable boundaries for yourself.
      • Give yourself permission to stop.


  • Seek Out Connections:


    • This is perhaps the best antidote to burnout…
    • Find rich personal connections.
    • Pursue meaningful personal and professional development.
    • Remember:  You’re not the only one!  

As Tom mentions, the struggle is real!  Remember, one of the most important pieces from above, we’re all in a similar position.  Reach out to your colleagues, make those connections and be good for each other 🙂

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