Lipgloss Shows Who We Are – Awesome!

Sitting in the Lipgloss audience last night I was overcome with how absolutely amazing our school community has become.  It started with the thought of how impressive our students were on stage, how talented they were as dancers and choreographers.  Then I started thinking about the specific kids in the performance.  With more than 120 kids to think about, it’s not a surprise that their stories are all different.  However, whether they’re a student that’s been here since Kindergarden or a student that arrived in April…everyone has their place at SCIS.  We are a warm and welcoming community, easy to transition into and (as we’re about to see in a few weeks) hard to leave.

On top of the fact that we’re such a welcoming community we’ve also created an environment where kids are comfortable taking risks.  There were students on stage last night who would’ve NEVER been on that stage if we weren’t such an open and understanding community.  There were kids who have a hard time finding success academically but were nothing short of masterful in their dance performance.  What an amazing opportunity for them to feel the sweet taste of success!  And don’t even get me started on how stinking cute those Lower School students were, it was so neat to see them dancing side by side with Middle and High School students.

None of this would’ve been possible without the amazing guidance and leadership of our three dance teachers (all of whom are new to SCIS this year!)  The time and effort they put into this show was incredible and it certainly all paid off last night and (break a leg) tonight!!  As I thought about how these three new teachers put on this amazing show I couldn’t help but think of how awesome our community had to be in order for something like this to be even remotely possible.  Without the support and understanding of our community a show like this can’t happen, even with amazing teachers such as we have here at SCIS.  This is all in addition to what our Drama teachers (both new this year as well!) have already done with their brilliant performances…how can one school be so awesome?!?!

Lipgloss and the Arts department is just one (very public) example of the wonderful things happening at this school.  We’ve got new and veteran teachers working side by side each and every day to help our students (no matter who they are) be successful in the classroom and beyond!  The community we’ve established at SCIS is all of these things and more…and it all happens everywhere, not just on stage!!

Whenever I give a tour to new families I tell them that “the kids are the best part of our school!” However, that’s only part of the truth.  The reality is that behind those students stand an absolutely amazing support network, comprised most importantly of their teachers.  So for every kid standing on that stage last night taking a bow you should all be taking a few bows of your own for all of the hard work that you do each and every day to make this place as awesome as it is for our kids.

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