Pushing Our Limits

Last weekend our Outdoor Education group went for their weekend adventure which included hiking 12k in constant rain, battling leeches, and a midnight visit from two local bulls having a fight right in the middle of the campsite.  On Monday morning there was nothing but smiles and happy stories from the 20+ exhausted kids who enjoyed this experience.  The parent reaction was just the same, nothing but positive feedback despite a myriad of potential complaints.  This coming week we head out on our China Trips with all but a small handful of our middle school students and teachers.  For some this will be their first time away from their parents for so long, their first time camping, their first time kayaking, or any other number of potential firsts.  This coming week our students will have their limits pushed in many ways, they’ll be challenged, there will be tears, breakdowns, and home sickness.  BUT, at the end of it all, no matter what challenges these students face they will persevere and come back with smiles and happy stories to accompany their tales of overcoming fears and challenges.  I know that for us as teachers this is also a week full of challenges and stress, with perhaps a few activities or meals that will push us out of our comfort zones.  Take the opportunity to push your limits, try something new, get to know students in a different setting, and have fun!!  Enjoy the coming week, it’s my favorite week of the year!

2 thoughts on “Pushing Our Limits

  1. ole olson May 2, 2014 / 11:54 am

    I wish I could be part of this. Although I am a parent of 33 years and a “teacher” for 63 years, there is nothing better or worse then these experiences. Have fun.

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