Building Connections With All Students

As we pick up steam and near the halfway mark of the first quarter (time flies!) I would like to challenge you to think of the connections you have made with your students…now, think even more carefully about those students you haven’t connected with yet. Why haven’t you connected with them? Most likely it is because you and they haven’t found that natural “click” that leads to those bonds being built. The attached article summary looks, rather specifically, at different ways to help you break through with boys in particular. As with the last couple articles, this one provides actionable tips that require no extra time or planning…just effort and a conscious attempt to forge a relationship with some of your students; those with whom you may not have found that natural connection. Give it a look, try some out, and let me know what you think…as usual, I’d love to hear your two cents 🙂

This article summary came from the Marshall Memo, an amazing professional resource!

Originally published in SCIS MS Headlines on September 6, 2013.

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