An Introduction and About me…

I wake up each day with the goal of making that day better than the last. Forever working to improve myself as a son, brother, friend, educator, colleague, and just as a person in general give me a purpose and direction every second of every day. I believe that life is meant to be lived and that you can never have too many experiences to shape your life…I read, travel, chat, share beers, wonder, play, and enjoy every opportunity that comes my way. I have good days and bad, I go through ups and downs, I’m as human as anyone and embrace the idiosyncrasies of my life. I laugh and cry with the best of them but despite all the wrenches that life inevitably has in store I try my best to always keep a positive outlook.

I’ve created this webpage to share myself and my thoughts on life and education with anyone who is willing to pay attention 🙂 However, through the process of creating this site, and the accompanying blog, I have realized how much I have grown both professionally and as a person. You see, this process has forced me to put my thoughts down on paper, so to speak. I can’t just tell myself that I believe in something or I think a certain way about a topic…nope, I need to own it, I need to process my thoughts, I need to believe in what I believe in (if that makes any sense). This adventure, of creating and putting myself out there; has taken time, effort, and courage…I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way, I hope you enjoy it as well.

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