Thank you! Thank You!!

Thank you! Thank you to all of you for all of the hard work and time that you dedicate to helping our students to be successful. I know that the countless extra hours you put into planning, grading, re-teaching, re-assessing, and everything else often goes unappreciated. The kids see it as annoying and bothersome, parents rarely communicate unless it is to complain, and too rarely do you hear the words “thank you!” As it turns out, not only is this unfair to you but it is unhealthy for those kids, parents, and well…everyone. According to an awesome article I read recently on “Since the year 2000, psychological research has tied gratitude to a host of benefits: the tendency to feel more hopeful and optimistic about one’s own future, better coping mechanisms for dealing with adversity and stress, less instances of depression and addiction, exercising more, and even sleeping better. ” So perhaps all those good feelings around the dinner table at Thanksgiving come from more than just full bellies and empty bottles of wine J The research also shows that all of this gratitude can come back around and benefit us too, “Gratitude is a sign of moral behavior and a motivator of others to behave morally towards us. Saying thanks often and loudly enough for others to hear thus translates into tangible rewards.” Again, thank you for all that you do!! On behalf of me and all of your students who may not say it…you’re appreciated!! I think this article is spot on, saying thank you feels good and it is certainly nice to hear as well…give it a try!!! Let me know how it goes, after all these are just my two cents!! article